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How To Train For Your Body Shape

How To Train For Your Body Shape

Your body shape is a direct result of your genetics and lifestyle. If you’re feeling down about the body shape life handed you and thought there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re wrong! Before you start your training and nutrition program, it’s a good idea to figure out your what your body shape is and learn what type of training you should be doing to bring balance to your physique.

The A Frame

The A Frame is usually thinner up top and tends to carry weight in the butt, hips, and thighs. Those with large bottoms are most likely carrying around extra subcutaneous fat. This fat appears just below your skin. Subcutaneous fat has less blood flow and holds onto calories, which makes it tough to burn off.

The Solution: Bring balance to your physique by widening the shoulder girth and back. Resistance training should target the upper body to even out the body shape. The bigger you make the upper body muscles, the smaller, the lower body will appear. This body shape should avoid doing cardio exercises that will increase the muscle size of the lower body. Stick with the elliptical, cycling, jump rope or the treadmill without an incline and steer clear of the stair mill unless you want to increase the size of your lower half. To bring balance to your physique, lift heavier on the Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises, and Pulldowns. Keep the reps on the lower end for your upper body, anywhere in the 6-10 range and a bit higher for the lower body, around 10-15 reps. Plyometric exercises are a great addition if you want to lean out your butt, hips, and thighs.

Diet Tips: Cut out all processed foods, soy and refined sugar. Consume lean proteins, vitamin-rich veggies, low-sugar fruits, and healthy fats such as nuts and seeds.

The Oval Frame

The Oval Frame is known for having larger breasts, thin legs and tends to hold weight in her midsection. This body type battles visceral fat which is the fat located in your abdominal region that surrounds vital organs. This type of fat is easier to get rid of than subcutaneous fat; however, it is also worse for you and has been linked to several diseases.

The Solution: The best way to burn fat from the mid-section is to burn fat from all over the body. Oval frames should engage in routine cardio such as the stair stepper and treadmill on an incline(keep it tough!). Weight training should be primarily focused on the lower body to bring balance to the physique. Exercises such as Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Squats, and Leg Presses will help you achieve a more proportional figure. Keep reps in the 6-10 range for lower body workout days.

Diet Tips: Avoid refined carbohydrates and eat anti-inflammatory foods. Steer clear of refined carbs such as white bread, pasta, and rice that spike blood sugar. Replace simple carbs with anti-inflammatory foods slow-burning carbs such as butternut squash and sweet potato. These foods stabilize blood sugar and help control cortisol surges. Try healthy anti-inflammatory fats, too, like almonds, avocado, and salmon.

The V Frame

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. V Frames usually have a larger bust, narrow hips, and thin legs.

The Solution: This body shape needs to work on bringing their lower body in harmony with their upper body. Cardio options include the stair stepper and treadmill on an incline to help add shape to the legs. Lower body resistance training should be heavy, and reps should be in the 6-10 range.

Diet Tips: Eat a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats. Avoid processed foods, soy, and refined sugar.

The Figure 8 Frame

Your bust and hips are larger compared to your waist. This frame is very proportionate and more commonly known as the hourglass figure.

The Solution: A balanced weight training program and cardio will work well since the Figure 8 Frame was naturally gifted with a balanced physique. Keep your workouts intense and switch them up every six weeks.

Diet Tips: This shape should consume a balanced diet containing lean, high-quality proteins, fresh, wholesome veggies and fats that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

The Ruler

The Ruler is naturally thin with very few curves. Your chest, waist, and hips are relatively equal in size.

The Solution: The Ruler’s goal is to create curves everywhere by adding muscle. Cardio should be kept to a minimum, and the focus should be placed on resistance training. Heavy lifting is a must. The emphasis should be placed on building muscle so reps should be in the 6-10 range.

Diet Tips: The Ruler is typically lean and doesn’t gain weight very easily. The majority of ruler-shaped women have a very high metabolism. This means your body compared to other body shapes goes into overdrive when digesting food, as soon as you eat your body starts digesting your food very quickly. Foods which are high in protein are perfect for this shape as well as complex carbs. Complex carbs release glucose more slowly into the bloodstream, offering a steadier source of energy to keep blood sugar levels stable and hunger pangs away.


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